Beauty & Beyond


Beauty and Beyond is the name of our beauty room at Jupiter where we offer you the latest in a range of beauty treatments and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to leave you looking and feeling out of this world.

Our fully qualified beauty therapist will discuss your beauty requirements with you to advise you on the right treatments for you.  All you have to do is book your appointment, step inside, relax, unwind and let us take over.

Microtone non-surgical facelift

You can look and feel years younger with this fantastic microtone treatment.

As we get older muscles begin to weaken and sag, the jaw line can slacken and eyes begin to droop.

The microtone treatment activates collagen and elastin cells, promoting the natural regenerative process of the skin, giving added tone and elasticity to the tissue.

The 30 minute treatment sessions are comfortable and painless.  Adhesives pads and hand-held probes gently pulse and stimulate the tissue, improving the flow of nutrients and producing a healthier, more vibrant skin.

At the end of the treatment, facial tissues has been lifted, toned and stimulated and will feel softer, smoother and refreshed.

Depending on the condition of the skin 12 to 20 sessions may be required and thereafter a treatment at frequent intervals to maintain results.

One treatment: £17.50


Eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Microdermabrasion is a proven skin care treatment designed to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells.  The treatment smooths and improves the texture and colour of the skin and is perfect for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, open pores, sun damage and other blemishes.

Ideal as quick skin pick-me-up, microdermabrasion promotes the growth of healthy new cells and stimulates collagen production leaving skin feeling supple, with a radiant glow.

The treatment is non-invasive and uses special equipment to remove the top most layer of the skin in a safe and controlled manner with little to no discomfort.

One treatment: £25.00

Thread-vein removal

Say goodbye to unsightly thread veins.

V-Beauty has been acclaimed by the national media for its simple and affordable approach to thread vein removal.  With instant results and no bruising V Beauty is safer than laser treatments and what’s more it is relatively pain-free.

V Beauty will treat most facial red veins in seconds and can remove intra-nasal veins which have previously been untreatable as well as treating 40-50cms of thread veins in just 15 minutes.  Also able to treat red spot as well as rosacea, V Beauty really is the perfect solution for removing unwanted thread veins.

£125 (Special offers & discounts available please call for more info) 

Customers can pay for this treatment by instalments.  Contact us for further information.

Detoxification Infra-Red Heat Cabin

Our state of the art infra-red heat cabin offers our customers a wide range of uses with numerous health advantages.  This is a private cabin which you can enjoy on your own or with a friend.

A 30 minute session creates the same amount of sweat as a 6 mile run.  You can therefore burn around 600 calories in one 30 minute session.  Minimum effort/maximum results.

Improve the condition of your skin and deep cleanse your pores – perfect for people who suffer from psoriasis, acne or eczema.  The cabin can also accelerate the breakdown of cellulite.

The soothing, in-depth heat reduces pain in various muscles and joints and can act as an aid to skin healing and repair.  It also works to reduce your stress levels by releasing endorphins in the body and improves muscle fitness to maximise muscle.  You can also just simply use it to relax your mind and re-energise your body after a hard day.

Cost: £5.00 per session


Enjoy a massage at Beauty and Beyond designed to help you relax, destress and unwind.

Full body: £30.00
Back: £18.00

Eye Treatments

Maintain that twinkle in your eye with these treatments

Eyelash tint: £6.00
Eyebrow tint: £5.00
Eyebrow shape: £6.00
Book all 3 treatments for just £15.00

Or why not treat yourself to eyelash extensions? We offer FLIRTIES semi-permanent eyelash extensions to give you thicker, longer lashes.  Whether it’s for a certain occasion or just because you want to treat yourself to something special, FLIRTIES eyelashes are guaranteed to make people look twice, so add a twinkle to your wink and book now!

Cost £35.00

Flirties Semi Permanent Eyelashes

Get That Radient twincle with flirties. Perfect for all ages and situations, weather you want thicker or long lashes or you want a patricular twinkle for a special party!

All treatments are applied by our qualified and accreditited staff to insure saftey and quality for you.

We guarantee a stunning look!


A hot wax treatment is the most effective way of removing unwanted hair.  Speak to our beauty therapist about our wax packages.  Individual prices as follows:

Eye brow: £6.00
Lip: £4.00
Chin: £5.00
Lip & Chin: £7.00
Facial wax: £10.00
Half leg: £9.00
Full leg: £13.00
Upper arm: £10.00
Bikini: £8.00
Under Arm: £7.00
Chest Wax: £10.00
Back Wax: £10.00

Spray tan

A natural looking tan – in minutes!

TanTruth is a natural solution suitable for all skin types.  We guarantee no streaking, no orange-tango look and various shades to choose from. TanTruth is applied in minutes

Cost: £10.00


For that summer feeling all year round try our NEW top of the range sunbeds, imported from Holland and fitted with 225 watt tri-colour tubes.

See and feel the difference from just £1.50 per single session or block book a course of 51 minutes for £15.00